Lacrosse, the fastest-growing team sport in the country, combines some of the best aspects of other sports into one sport, allowing players of all sizes and skill sets the ability to contribute.
The fundamental concepts of men's and women's lacrosse are the same - players try to score goals by using a stick, which features a plastic or wooden head with netting at the end, to shoot a ball into the goal. The are various rule differences between men's and women's lacrosse which makes each game unique. 

Learn more about the fastest game on two feet by exploring the US Lacrosse web site. The following video, This is Lacrosse, gives a quick overview of lacrosse (please note that this video was originally produced by US Lacrosse in 2004 and some rule changes have taken place since its production and US Lacrosse membership has grown to more than 400,000 members):

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